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Plastic Coated Copper Tube

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Plastic Coated Copper Tube Plumbing Mueller

Plastic Coated Copper Tube
Streamline plastic-coated copper tube is manufactured in a variety of options for use when copper tube is to be buried or used in a potentially aggressive environment. Building and insulation materials can contain chemicals that are potentially corrosive to plain copper tube, requiring it to be protected to ensure its longevity in service. Our plastic-coated copper tube eliminates the need for on-site tape wrapping or sleeving, creating a savings on labor and ensuring a professional looking installation. It can be used in a wide variety of situations including; reclaimed water applications, the movement of natural gas, to name a few.
Product Availability & Highlights
PlumbShield® is available in blue for cold water, red for hot water, and purple for reclaimed water applications
GasShield® is available in yellow for natural and LP gas applications
OilShield® is available in orange for fuel oil applications and is grooved for enhanced leak detection
Coated ACR is available in white for air conditioning and refrigeration applications
Complies with applicable ASTM standards and are continuously marked with size, specification information, manufacturing code and footage every two feet
Polyethylene coating made from low density LDPE resin, is extruded at 0.0025\" minimum wall 
and contains UV inhibitors
Compatible with standard solder fittings, brazing techniques and compression fittings
Made in the USA

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